Collectif Orobanches, Bordeaux, France -  

© 2018  -   © graphisme Mathilde Prévost         


© Association Ambact - Louis Dubergey, Pablo Pares Cabello, Pierre Martial

« Printemps » is the encounter between two strange and touching characters, guided by a search for meaning and humanity. A clumsy but kind relationship is forged, born by the necessity to escape from a hostile and manufactured atmosphere in which both characters seem incapable to adapt to. Inspired by a burlesque and pathetic universe, like Buster Keaton or Jacques Tati, this exhilarating dance is in line with the current mood of resistance. Both bodies defends a contemporary and theatrical dance, very energetic and clownlike, that can make smile the most grumpy person. An awakening and a recognition emerge, where fists stand and claim hope ; hope hided in every leave rustle, every bud, every rebellion embryo.

Performance created with the will to adapt in every spaces from theatrical stage to the street, from the forest to a wharehouse, reinventing itfself everytime.


© Albert Vidal